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Our Expertise

At BP Administrations, we are dedicated to enhancing tax awareness and education by guiding our clients in the most effective way to file their returns. Our commitment extends beyond tax filing; we diligently manage businesses taxes and ensure they are in full compliance with IRS, FTB, or SOS regulations, providing a secure foundation in case of an audit. At every step, we strive to deliver excellence, treating our clients with the utmost respect and care, as if they were part of our own family. Our dedicated services go beyond helping individuals and businesses, we also cater to the uniqueness of churches and non-profit organizations. If you find yourself overwhelmed by tax paperwork, allow us to alleviate the burden. If you encounter any difficulties in finalizing your financial records, rest assured that you can hand over your financial administration to our capable hands. At BP Administrations, we are here to make a difference in the lives of our clients, ensuring their financial success and security. Join us and become a valued part of our ever-growing family.

Meet Our Team

At BP Administrations, we pride ourselves on being a business that treats our clients with the utmost respect. We like to think of our clients as family and want to provide them with the best service. We want to improve tax awareness and education by helping our clients learn the proper and most effective way to file their returns. We strive to help our clients understand their business and successfully handle all the paperwork involved. Let us introduce you to some of the staff members who are excited to partner with you to make your tax filing process easy

Meet Milsa, a vital part of BPA since 2019. With over 12 years in customer service, she takes joy in ensuring client satisfaction. As a dedicated mother, Milsa loves connecting with people over the phone and helping them out. Fluent in Spanish, she brings warmth to all our Spanish-speaking clients. In her versatile role at BPA, Milsa's commitment and dedication glow, making her an essential member of our BPA family.

Meet Denzel, our front office clerk at BPA. A recent addition to our family, he's a graduate of California State University of Long Beach with a major in Business and an emphasis on Accounting. He is the friendly voice receiving your calls, emails, or texts. He's excited to get to know all our clients and is fluent in Tagalog, with an ongoing effort to learn Spanish for better communication within our diverse community. Denzel's warmth and language skills contribute to the welcoming atmosphere we cherish at BPA.

Introducing Ovidio Ortega, BPA's latest addition—a seasoned tax preparer with over three decades of experience and an Associate’s Degree in Micro Computer Accounting. As a dedicated family man, Ovidio is not just joining a company; he's becoming a part of the BPA family. His enthusiasm to share his knowledge, learn from his colleagues, and collectively reach new heights is inspiring. We’re excited for you to experience everything Ovidio has to offer.

TAXES (All Year Round)


  • Federal & State filing

  • A detailed explanation of your taxes and results

  • Custom Tax Advice

  • Meeting all your tax needs to ensure you are compliant with IRS and State Revenue


  • Provide expert assistance to 
    individuals and businesses

  • Personalize strategies to fit
    your resolution needs

  • Minimize tax balance and penalties

  • Review all resolution options that may apply


  • Focus on developing 
    customized strategies

  • Identify tax-saving

  • Ensure that you are in
    compliance with IRS and State laws



  • Federal and State filing for your Corporation,
    LLC, or 

  • By-laws

  • Articles

  • Compliance Check

  • FTB Filing



  • Help maintain accurate and 
    organized financial records

  • We ensure you stay compliant with accounting standards and tax regulations

  • Documents are returned audit ready


  • We help determine qualification

  • In most cases, application process does not require mailing original documents

  • Certified Acceptance Agent
    allows for a smooth application process.

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