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Our Expertise

At BP Administrations, we want to improve tax awareness and education by helping our clients learn the proper and most effective way to file their returns. Our clients, have peace of mind knowing their paperwork is in good hands. We also keep their businesses and personal finances in order according to IRS, FTB, or SOS regulations in order to ensure a positive result in the case they are audited. With our business, we work hard to provide you with the very best care and once you join our team, you join our family. 
Taxes (All Year Round)

Services Include:

  • Federal and State tax filing

  • A detailed explanation of your taxes and results 

  • Tax advice to better fit your tax needs 

  • Meeting all your tax needs to ensure you are compliant with IRS and State Revenue. 

Services Include:

  • Data entry

  • Report generating 

  • If you are behind in preparing your books, we can help you get up-to-date. 

Services Include:

  • Federal and state filing for your Corporation, LLC, or Partnership.

  • By-laws

  • Articles

  • Keeping you compliant at the federal and state level 

  • FTB Filing 

Non-Profit Organizations
Notary Public
Audit Representation

Services Include:

  • Files for 501 C 3 for individual standing non-profits or group non-profits.

  • Ensuring you are compliant at the federal and state level


Service Include:

  • Grant Deeds

  • Government Papers

  • Immigration Affidavits 

Service Include:

  • Our Enrolled Agent allows unlimited representation privileges before the IRS and FTB, allowing you control over meetings at a safe distance. 

  • We will go above and beyond to deliver the best outcome. 

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